Standalone Creation problems

cteno4 cteno4 at
Mon Aug 9 18:45:36 EDT 2004

I am having problems with rev 221 to create a mac standalone from a mc 
stack. I had moved it back into mc and removed all the resources (ie 
answer and ask dialogs). this fixed the message box problem i had with 
the stack in rev.

new problem is that when i go to create a standalone application in rev 
now (after working for a few days in rev on the stack) i get a beep after 
the stack window closes and reopens with the dialog "there was an error 
while saving standalone application". i only get a text file of about 
128K w/o the build folders being created or the applications in them.

I have created a new stack in rev and sucessfully created the mac and win 
applications, but have no luck with my metacard stack that i have moved 
over to rev. 

I have tried doing a save as in rev before the build, restarting, upping 
revs memory... trying to build on system 922 mac to create a mac PPC 

any ideas?



Jeffrey H. Reynolds
6620 Michaels Dr.
Bethesda, MD  20817


email: cteno4 at
       cteno4 at

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