Target and me. Target not the correct value

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 9 18:28:57 EDT 2004

On 8/8/04 9:16 PM, Matt Denton wrote:
> Confusingly, just 'target' (no 'the') returns the value correctly; 
> 'the value of the target' doesn't when there is a duplicate name.

The target returns the long ID, so by itself it's an unambiguous unique 

The problem doesn't appear to be with the target; it seems to be a 
side-effect of the IDE naming objects for you using a name that also 
evaluates to a valid object descriptor (e.g., "field 1").

If you simply get the target you should be fine.  You don't need to 
evaluate it, which is where it seems the problem is, since the name of 
the object evaluates to a descriptor for another object.

If you want to specify the text of the target you can use the 
unambiguous form:

   get the text of the target

Try changing the name to something that isn't also a valid object 
descriptor and your script may work just fine as is.  If not, try simply 
getting the text of the target and it'll work well.  But either way, 
you'll find the target is a reliable absolute reference when used 
without the value function.

Who wants to post a Bugzilla request to have the IDE use default names 
for objects that are not also valid object references?  Perhaps better 
still, why not just leave the name empty until the user adds one?

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