Target and me. Target not the correct value

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Mon Aug 9 18:05:49 EDT 2004

On 8/8/04 9:16 PM, Matt Denton wrote:

> Confusingly, just 'target' (no 'the') returns the value correctly; 'the 
> value of the target' doesn't when there is a duplicate name.

One thing to note is that "target" and "the target" are two different 
things. This is a HyperCard construct and has been in xtalk languages 
since 1987, so changing it would probably break a lot of stacks. 
However, it can be confusing.

"The target" is a function that identifies the object that originated 
the message. "Target" refers to the text in the object (usually a field.)

Create a stack with a field, and put this into the card script:

  on keydown
   put the target && target
   pass keydown
  end keydown

The above needs refining for actual use, but should give you an idea of 
how it all works.

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