Call for feature requests, ssBk

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Mon Aug 9 14:56:21 EDT 2004

  I set up a separate folder for messages from the list and set up a 
mail rule to send all of the list messages into that folder.  That way 
the list messages don't get mixed in with my other mail.

If your eMail client supports this, you might want to consider it.  
(Under OS X's Mail app, for example, check the "Rules" section of 
Mail's Preferences window; most major eMail clients support this).

On Aug 9, 2004, at 12:05, Robert J. Earp wrote:

> Although I'm set to digests, I still get a plethora of messages a day 
> form the list.  The trouble is they are buried in the mass of spam one 
> gets these days.

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