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Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Aug 9 14:47:52 EDT 2004

At 19:38 09/08/2004 +0100, Alex Tweedly wrote:

>Yes, MDI implies a single main window, with multiple child windows, each 
>contained within the main window. A menu bar, status bar and task bar 
>would be part of the main window, but their buttons/contents would apply 
>to each (or often, the current) child window. (And individual child 
>windows may also have their own, different task bars).

Sorry - I said task bar when I meant tool bar.

The taskbar is the (often hidden, pop-up) bar across the bottom of the 
screen. When an application is NOT minimized, it should still have an entry 
in the task bar; when minimized, it has only the entry in the task bar.

Dar Scott said:
>I'm with you.  I thought a minimized doc would be be something in the 
>bottom of the window.  The taskbar would not be involved.  Well, my VC++ 
>does this and an app I made deep in the last century did.

I'm used to that too - minimizing a child window produces an "icon" within 
the main window. However, I have seen sometimes (maybe XP only, and maybe 
only when the number of applications gets to be large enough ??) an 
application with multiple child windows will have a single entry in the 
task bar, but right clicking on it gives a pop-up menu which allows you to 
select an individual one of the child windows. (Or something like that - I 
don't use XP except when I need to fix something on my spouse's laptop).

-- Alex.

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