MDI kind

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Aug 9 13:54:13 EDT 2004

On Aug 9, 2004, at 11:06 AM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> I'm sorry, I still don't understand. What is a "MDI critter" and 
> "proper support for the taskbar"? If no one properly identifies what 
> they are expecting (and why), it is highly unlikely that those 
> expectations will be met.
> What *exactly* should MDI be doing, and what *exactly* should the 
> taskbar be doing?

I'm with you.  I thought a minimized doc would be be something in the 
bottom of the window.  The taskbar would not be involved.  Well, my 
VC++ does this and an app I made deep in the last century did.

Dar Scott

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