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Wolfgang M.Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
Mon Aug 9 05:16:40 EDT 2004

On 09.08.2004, at 03:30, Alex Shaw wrote:

> Both flash and rev still require kludges for certain platform-specific 
> issues but these are [sometimes documented &] easily solved. There has 
> been some talk about embedding activex controls into rev and this is 
> certainly a good thing if you're ms-bound but I think most of us chose 
> mc / rev because of it's xplat capabilities and this project certainly 
> proved to me that it was only possible because rev is really good at 
> the basic stuff and if it can keep doing that and improving then we 
> all benefit.

That report was vey interesting for me. Thanks!
Assuming you used QT for Flash or is there any other way withotu it? 
But do you think, I dont remember when and how many times as I asked 
for that, a nativ Flash support in rev would be that Killer App(Plug 
in)? to revs real target market, as Dan mentioned before?

obrigado to Andre also, nice metapher. I think thats the point to 
attract developers to change from VB or .... Use rev as the 
crossplattform Orange peel, but give this peel the possibility to hold 
more native supported fruits than oranges only.

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