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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Aug 8 22:27:18 EDT 2004

on Sun, 8 Aug 2004 
Jan Schenkel wrote:
> Hi Jim and Alejandro,
> This part of the code would even fire for images
> that just happened to have a name like "silly 
> graphics" ; it is best to check word 1 of the long 
> name of control i.

Good point, Jan 
I'll add this to next version
of the code. :-)

> keep up the great work :-)

Thanks a lot Jan. I hope that you or
one of the pros in this list could help
with the code to save bitmap images as pdf.

Roger Eller send me yesterday a pdf that he
wrote from a text editor, so i hope that soon
we could be using his code: text2pdf.

I have changed the template for the pdf,
so now it does not produce an error if
you try to save it from Acrobat 5.

Now, Ilustrator 10 opens the pdf without
problems. Could you believe that the original
template lacks only one line to open without
problems?... A single line.

But it was needed to rewrite the code to
find the offsets...

I still have problems with ascii85 encoding,
because some negative numbers are produced while
converting long binary numbers in decimal.

Could Dar Scott help with this task? ;-)

and seems that the gzip produced by the compress
function is not liked by Acrobat, that is able
to decode gzip with the FlateDecode filter.
I hope to be wrong on this assumption. I'll really
like to be wrong. Could anyone test this too?

To test for gzip compatibility in Acrobat,
Save as pdf a single small image from an application,
like open office, that could save compressed
pdf with flateencode (or zip) compression.

Then, save the same image compressed as gzip to
a binary file from RR/MC.

In a text editor that could open binary
files (like boxer or bbedit)compare
the compressed strings as gzip or Flate encoded,
from the pdf and the RR/MC binary file.

If you do, then, please, post the results 
to this list. 

I really like to be wrong on the results
i'm seeing on my side.

Tomorrow, i'll post a new vector2pdf
stack with the fixes available until now.

Thanks a lot for your interest in this


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