Rev's Mac-Centricity (Was: Plea to sell Dan's book widely)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 8 18:40:47 EDT 2004

Dan Shafer wrote:

> On Aug 7, 2004, at 2:47 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>> *Here* is where Rev (and other tools of its ilk) *can* make inroads. All
>> that it takes is enough compelling evidence that RunRev isn't going
>> anywhere, that the underlying engine has been around for a decade, and 
>> that
>> it is the most efficient way to develop the application/product they 
>> want,
>> and it's a much higher chance that said company will allow for a tool 
>> like
>> Rev to be used.
> I think you're right that the chances of getting the  small to medium 
> sized company to adopt Rev is much higher than that of a corporation. 
> But it's still not very high, IMNSHO.

That's solveable.

The inherent value proposition for Rev as a pro development tool is 
demonstrably high, and after 14 years there are sufficient examples to 
make a compelling case.

If the case is not immediately compelling today, what changes could be 
made at the RunRev site and lesser marketing materials to make the value 
more self-evident?

One area that has been historically weak at the various incarnations of 
the RunRev site is demonstrating the scope of the "infrastructure": 
there has not been (nor is there currently) a page devoted to 
Conferences and Events, where folks can see that RunRev has acquired an 
audience sufficient to have three conferences this year alone, with 
several regional users groups starting up.

Beyond that, what other things might help make the value of choosing Rev 
more self-evident?

The value's there.  The problem isn't the tool, it's communicating what 
the tool has already accomplished.

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