Program Testing and Persistent Properties

Bob Warren warren at
Sun Aug 8 13:01:17 EDT 2004

On Aug 8, 2004, at 2:04 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> > > Not to throw water on your suggestion, but no, I don't think it would
> > > be
> > > viable (at least not as a permanent change to Rev), and here's the
> > > reason...
> > > the substituting of a stack with another stack would be disconcerting
> > > (to
> > > say the least) to experienced Rev developers. The reason is that they
> > > (and
> > > I) are too used to just being able to switch to browse tool to try
> > > something
> > > out. We are *empowered* by the single mode, rather than hampered.

Bob Warren wrote:

> > So whoever doesn't want it simply doesn't turn on the option..........
> > What I was suggesting was a permanent optional choice, not a permanent
> > change to a fixed mode that experienced users would not like.

Troy wrote:

> That said, Bob, if you think about it, YOU (simply by nature of having
> concepted it) could make a Rev plug-in which would allow you to have
> this capability within your own environment. It could consist of a
> single button which said "Test stack" which did the temp saving,
> switched to the browse tool, then when clicked again, loaded the temp
> stack and switched to the select tool.

> If you really need it, you could do it.

That was exactly what I had in mind, except that I am a complete beginner in
RR and I was a bit nervous about attempting such a thing as a first
programming effort. Also, I was hoping that others would also be interested
in this option. But what we have on one hand are the experienced MAC users
who appear to say "Don't muck around with OUR IDE" and on the other hand an
almost complete lack of VB programmers, new to RR, who would naturally be
more interested in such an option. So I have little choice. A plugin needs
to be my first attempt at Transcript programming, until such time as I can
appreciate the inner depths of the "persisting properties" characteristic.

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