Is Rev too "Mac focused"?

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Sun Aug 8 11:45:57 EDT 2004

--- Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:
> On 8/7/04 1:39 PM, "Cubist at" <Cubist at>
> wrote:
> >    Now that I've got that out of my system: What
> things do you PC boys find
> > lacking in the PC implementation of Rev?
> Here's a couple of goodies:
> 1) Inability to use ActiveX or COM controls
> (although with Chipp's
> altBrowser you can use them in a web browser, but
> that's different).
> 2) Inability to call the Windows API (something
> which almost every PC-based
> development environment is able to do - RealBasic,
> VB, etc.).
> 3) Inability to call "normal" (i.e. not developed
> specifically for Rev)
> DLLs.
> Until a couple of these items are addressed
> (specifically the API calls),
> Rev really can't swim in the "big pond". There are
> other more "niggly" items
> I can think of, but if these three were implemented,
> we could use those
> avenues to deal with those situations. For example:
> - Displaying notification icons (the ballooon in the
> system tray)
> - Being able to create new registry keys in the
> Windows registry
> - Ability to call VBScript as easily as AppleScript
> ("do <script> as
> VBScript")
> You get the idea...
> Ken Ray

I agree with Ken that a bit of catching up should be
done on the Windows side, though one can't say the
attention has only gone to Mac lately : 2.2 brought
WinXP theme support, 2.5 will update the look and feel
for Linux ; but there are a number of items that the
Revolution team might want to address to lure more
people in, and that the above list represents the most
frequently asked questions when you try and convince
someone to give Revolution a whirl, especially when
they've cobbled together a collection of ActiveX's.
It's not good enough to be a better cross-platform
tool than RB and Java ; people expect their tool to be
a first-class citizen on every platform so they can
compete. But I am confident that when
platform-specific issues are addressed, mucht thought
will go into implementing a broader solution. After
all, being above platforms allows an eagle-eye

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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