Flash roots

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Sun Aug 8 11:36:01 EDT 2004

On Aug 8, 2004, at 11:24 AM, Meitnik at aol.com wrote:

>> Flash is a plug-in turned authoring environment.
>> -- Nope, I was one of the testers for Pre-flash and flash. Flash 
>> actually has 
> its roots in SmartDraw and Freehand. But then thats some messy politics
> between Aldus/Altsys some 15yrs ago. Actionscript was response to 
> Hypertalk which
> Altsys hated. I tried very hard to get Hypertalk (via superacard) into 
> Altsys
> products but failed, sorry. Sadly, Actionscript has more books written 
> about it
> than Hypertalk ever will have.


It does not.

It roots in a product called FutureSplash Animator, which was written 
by a guy lived about 3 blocks from me in Toronto Canada. I used the 
betas of the original FutureSplash and used to call the dude at his 
house to provide feedback. It was a plug-in to allow vector graphics 
animation in web browsers. It had minimal scripting, but the drawing 
tools haven't changed much since Macromedia bought it from him.

Smartdraw and Freehand had absolutely nothing to do with Flash's 
"roots." Altsys? Hypercard? What?? You have experienced some entirely 
different history than the one in this reality.

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