Is Rev too "Mac focused"?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Aug 8 02:18:33 EDT 2004

Trevor DeVore wrote:

> I agree with Ken on this.  I would like to see support for calling Win 
> APIs, DLLs and ActiveX.  Even though one of the major features of Rev is 
> the ability to develop for multiple platforms there are jobs where 
> catering to a specific platform is required.


Unlike most of us on this list, you are already an accomplished C 
programmer. In fact, you have successfully written a couple VERY NICE 
externals for RR!

Now, I wonder, how many others on this list would take the time to learn 
the correct C interfaces to the WinAPI (I'm sure Ken would!). As feature 
requests are made, the RR team has to factor how many users would 
benefit from them.

Also, as you recall at the Rev Summit in CA, Chris Bohnert demonstrated 
how easy it is to create an external for RR. One which can call a 
Win32API if needed. So, it seems to me, an interim step would be a 
really good primer for creating externals for RR. 'Cause even with a 
WinAPI interface embedded in the language, users will still need to 
learn a lot to be able to use it.



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