The sky is falling... [was Re: Is Rev too "Mac focused"?]

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Aug 8 01:55:49 EDT 2004

Troy et al..

> Agreed on both points. I think at the very least, Rev should support 
> ActiveX controls... 

Do you have an idea on how you will use these? I know....PDF and Flash. 
But others? (fact is, PDF and Flash can be already used within 
altBrowser, though albeit there are some functional issues.)

The reason I ask, is Chris (my C programming partner and co-author of 
altBrowser PC (Mac in beta as we speak)) tells me adding activeX is 
fairly straightforward, and could be done as an external--but I as a PC 
developer don't know of any good reason to add it.

Perhaps if others can point to a compelling use, we would consider 
rolling an ActiveX external.

BTW, does Director and Flash support ActiveX? Just wondering. If they 
do, I wonder at what level they support it. For instance, do you want to 
support adding an ActiveX Tree control? If so, how does one 'interface' 
with it in Director or Flash.



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