Plea to sell Dan's book widely

Bob Warren warren at
Sun Aug 8 01:16:37 EDT 2004

Dan -

I have given training in the computer field since the 1960s (even in
Scotland!), and from what I can see and judge, the difficulty with your book
sales probably has nothing to do with their quality. Leaving diagnoses
aside, there is no doubt in my mind that since a Programmer's Guide is
urgently needed to accompany the RunRev product, your book would serve very
well. Being distributed as a normal part of the product would help to make
it better known and would also express Rev's confidence in it. Thus, being
"forced" to become familiar with it and consequently like it, there would be
a greater number of users who would then be prepared to make an investment
in buying the hard-cover form, particularly those who are not comfortable
with electronic documents (quite a lot of people). Of course, all of this is
in Rev's hands....We can but hope.

Bob W.

> Bob....

> Thanks for the vote of support!

> There is not much chance I will "slip through RunRevs fingers" although
> I will admit to *some* small degree of frustration at the very low
> numbers of people who have bought my first volume in any form. I don't
> think this says anything other than the community may be smaller
> overall than I suspected. (Of course, I refuse to think it's because my
> book isn't good. Though that remains a possibility.)

> I reiterate what I said earlier today in this very interesting
> discussion. I do not believe Rev has any serious chance of making
> significant inroads into the professional development community on ANY
> platform, and certainly not on Windows or (moreso?) on *nix. It will
> always be a product aimed at hobbyist and inventive user class
> developers who do not write code for a living but who have real
> problems to solve at work or at home. That's a huge market, bigger, I
> believe, than the programmer market. But it has to be located and
> convinced.

> > Now what I see on the List is a discussion of what can be done with
> > Dan and
> > his books!
> >
> > These are my suggestions (bearing in mind of course that I know
> > absolutely
> > nothing of RunRev's finances, but you do not seem to be doing too
> > badly):
> >
> > 1) This obviously very able author should not be frustrated or (heaven
> > forbid) be allowed to slip through RunRev's fingers!
> >
> > 2) Pay the man generously to do the crucial job of completing the
> > RunRev
> > product with the Guide (2 above) in 3 volumes.
> >

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