The sky is falling... [was Re: Is Rev too "Mac focused"?]

Troy Rollins troy at
Sun Aug 8 00:51:24 EDT 2004

On Aug 8, 2004, at 12:41 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

>> 2. Neither adding hooks for native platform APIs,  nor adding an 
>> alternate C-like syntax (as Director did) would cause the sky to 
>> fall.  In fact both of these things would both make RunRev vastly 
>> more accessible and to, and usable by, the overwhelming majority of 
>> developers writing software today.
> Which begs my point: I do not believe that RR has ANY shot at 
> converting professional Windows developers. Period. Doesn't matter 
> what they do.

I agree with that too. RR is simply not going to make significant 
inroads in that market.

I just want those things for me and the rest of us who want the ability 
to make powerful Windows applications from our Macs.  ;-)
RPSystems, Ltd.

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