Rev's Mac-Centricity (Was: Plea to sell Dan's book widely)

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Aug 7 23:16:09 EDT 2004

Couldn't agree with you more. I think it's a function of HyperCard 
leading the way-- and Apples 'leading-edge' effect. MS is like Dell. You 
rarely see innovation there first, only after someone else has 
'validated' the technology.

Though, I guess, MS is getting better, and one could say their ability 
to rip-off others technology does make better business sense than the 
'not invented here' syndrome from Apple.

(I know, I know, some will say Apple 'stole' the technology from Xerox. 
But overall, Apple's NIH syndrome is legend)

> This could make one believe that in general, Windows based developers 
> have less interest overall in XTalk languages. I think it could be a 
> case of the fact that Mac users don't recognize any correlation between 
> "ease of use" and "lack of power", while Windows users equate "hard and 
> cryptic" with "more powerful." List members excepted, of course.
> -- 
> Troy
> RPSystems, Ltd.

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