imagedata problem Ken Ray

FMoyer at FMoyer at
Sat Aug 7 18:49:00 EDT 2004

Does anyone else have this experience? -- I'm trying to analyze the imagedata 
of a whole bunch of grayscale images.

The problem is that the imagedata for almost every pixel is:

Each image has its own favorite number and it seems to make no difference 
whether the pixel is actually white or black or gray.   On the other hand, there 
are parts of the image (usually the far left side or the far right side) where 
believable numbers suddenly appear.

These images are bxw tiffs that I turned into transparent gifs in 
GraphicConverter. But I don't understand: if the imageData is corrupt, why do the images 
look fine?

Any ideas how I can figure out the correct imagedata? Maybe I'm mistaken, but 
I'm expecting to see white pixels listed as: "0,255,255,255" and black   
pixels: "0,0,0,0"

Fred Moyer

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