Is Rev too "Mac focused"?

Stephen King st.king42 at
Sat Aug 7 16:52:34 EDT 2004

Cubist wrote...

>    I'm a Mac user of long standing, and I got one thing to say to those PC
> users:
>    Welcome to *our* world, baby. Think about it.

Don't get me wrong, I was only saying that for Rev to get into the big
market (here in the UK), they need to show the program is PC orientated as
well which doesn't appear to come across. The UK Mac market appears to be
tiny. If REV is intended primarily as a tool for mac users to produce apps
for the wider market, then fine. I  wouldn't want to get into the argument
about which platform is better. The discussion was more about marketting I
think. Of course, Dan may be right and niche markets may be the target

>    Text-to-speech. It's my understanding (gained from past posts to this
> mailing list) that TTS is pretty much broken on the PC side, and it's
going to
> *stay* broken until Microsoft gets its act together and *fixes* it.
Back last year when 2.xx first came out, the problem was identified as Rev
not working with SAPI5, but it did work with SAPI 4. Unfortunately, Win XP
uses SAPI5 and was not a new OS at that time and even my Win 98 (released
1997/98 but free upgrades to about 2002) uses SAPI 5.
In July 2003 REV said that they were fixing so it worked with SAPI 5. I
don't think anything has been heard since. As far as I know, Windows hasn't
changed, but I could be mistaken.

For me, reliance on 3rd party QT is a *big* issue.


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