Program Testing and Persistent Properties

Bob Warren warren at
Sat Aug 7 14:32:26 EDT 2004

I have only ever "dabbled" in RunRev and I have left it alone for the major
part of the last 2 years when I first made contact with RunRev. Since then,
I have been waiting for it to turn into a product truly describable as
"decent" in comparison with VB that I am much more used to.

Not long ago, after breaking contact with the RunRev IDE for a very long
time and forgetting even the one or two little things I learned in the first
place, I tried making a variation of the "Hello World!" project and testing
it before making a standalone.

I documented this attempt at testing the project and recorded my confusions
in an article at .
If anyone has the patience to read through this illustrated story, would
they please enlighten me as to the "higher purpose" of "persistent
properties" when test-running a Rev project! (The meaning or "persistent
properties" is abundantly clear in the article.)


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