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Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Aug 7 11:33:21 EDT 2004

Hi Stephen,

> Klaus wrote..
>> But i hade big success playing WAV (which is noit necessarily = WAV
>> ;-), AIF, AU
>> and MP3 as sounds and "AVI (even DivX) and MPG as video files on 
>> Windoze
>> without QT being installed (= NO QT ;-)
> Klaus, How did you manage WAVs?

I just put them into a player object and that was all :-)

> I am sure I have not managed to play a
> windows WAV file in Rev without QT being installed? To me it was a big
> problem as WAV is still the 'native' recording type for windows for 
> many
> apps and earlier Win versions.

OK, but "WAV" is just a container for different codecs like "AVI"...

Of course, i had some suprises, like a WAV that would play nicely in 
and in QT-player, but not in REV, with or without QT...

> Dar Wrote
>> But i also cannot understand why some pcs do not install QT, but wanna
>> have FULL "multimedia" experience... OK, it is not MS...
> I don't think it's some, I don't think any distributors in teh Uk ship 
> with
> QT installed.
> The main problem as I see it is:
> - Many users do not have the rights to install these things. I am an
> engineer of 25 years working with many other engineers. We all have 
> home PCs
> and know how to use them but none of us can install anything at work. 
> It has
> to be done through an IT team. This is the same for most organisations 
> I
> believe. I think its pretty unusual now for businesses to give their 
> workers
> admin rights - the risk of loading unlicensed software and penalties 
> is just
> too high. I would think that assuming all users can download QT and 
> install
> is no longer true.
> - Windows is shipped with media player, just like Mac OS is shipped 
> with QT.
> So most users don't need it.


> So as Rev needs it for full potential- why can't Rev bundle QT with the
> player at source (or have as an associated install)?

Good question :-)

> I've seen many other
> programs that ask me if I want to install QT as well (the QT licensing 
> for
> individuals is really a bit cumbersome for the stack producer).

You just have to fill out a (two) 15 pages form and send it to Apple 
with 2 CD-ROMs
or whatever medium you use to ship your software...

Yes, it is a bit cumbersome ;-)

> Cheers
> Steve


Klaus Major
klaus at

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