Plea to sell Dan's book widely

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at
Sat Aug 7 10:11:10 EDT 2004

Ahhh... The 2 dimensional world looking for the first time at the 3
dimensional world that has existed for 20 years... Welcome.

on 8/7/04 3:15 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Troy,
> Good points, all. But I also believe there is too much 'Mac' centric
> focus in RR. The GUI is completely Mac based, and so is much of the
> marketing focus. Though, this does represent the 'low-hanging fruit', RR
> won't ever truly make inroads onto other platforms w/out a concerted
> marketing effort by the company.
> Also, we can easily see where HyperCard, SuperCard and other
> 'Mac-centric' authoring environments have ended up. I think it's
> eventually in RR's best interest to focus on other platforms, else the
> find themselves in the same situation as the other lanquished Mac Xtalk
> authoring environments. And remember, both Flash and Director found some
> success on PC's, and originally shipped with an Xtalk language.
> Your point below is quite cogent.
> -Chipp
> Troy Rollins wrote:
>> Marketing Revolution to Mac developers is easy. Marketing it to Windows
>> developers (other than a certain segment) is swimming against the tide.
>> It can be done, but it is certainly a harder road to travel. There is a
>> lot more "education" to do, in order to get Windows developers to
>> recognize the value... if in fact, it does have value to them over their
>> current tools.
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