Plea to sell Dan's book widely

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> Troy,
> Good points, all. But I also believe there is too much 'Mac' centric
> focus in RR. The GUI is completely Mac based, and so is much of the
> marketing focus. Though, this does represent the 'low-hanging fruit', RR
> won't ever truly make inroads onto other platforms w/out a concerted
> marketing effort by the company.

Maybe runrev is using the mac community as ginnea pigs ;)

The recent cursor changes (ouch), XP appearance manager support (although
it works nicely, parts of the RR GUI controls loose their features to
support this sub-aqua wannabe), the externals support on PCs, and more
make RR a better multiplatform tool. This is great...

To win over PC users, it would be nice to have the features of flash and
java... RunRev definitely has the quality look required. But performance
and little things keep RR a step behind. Even compared to RealBasic, RR
still has one feature above all the forementioned: the easiest and fastest
way to make an application - Flash is not that easy to script!

With 3D and bezier scripteable controls, RR may
eat Flash for breakfast. With threading, it would have java and php for
With a web player, web developpers would have no more reasons to avoid RR...

And for dessert the polyphonic midi sampler/synth support ;)

Anyway, if more of us make Mac AND PC (and linux of course) freewares or
shareware executables, drop them into sites like gnome,,
tucows then we might get more referals or attention.

We could, for example, put these tools as downloable in 2MB exe size or
"RR player required" 50KB downloads. This might induce the advantages of
using the player to offset app sizes made with RR. If the IDE could double
as the player, we sure would not have as many stack distribution problems.

Im not saying making exes is obsolete. However I'd like to point out
that RR's limiting platform distributions per license types is not
encouraging the crowds to deliver apps for all platforms - since most of
us have a studio license, we are restricted - and the RR player would be a
great solution here. But it's not in RR's licensing advantage to do so. I
ask myself if RR could be painting themselves in a corner here? How much
is Flash or Java which deliver on all platforms? What can RR not do that
they do? Other than threading...

There's always a sales volume/market's attention/profit trade-off in
Just like there is a trade-off in performance/features/quality/delivery

hope this helps our sales ;)

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