Plea to sell Dan's book widely

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Aug 7 02:15:45 EDT 2004


Good points, all. But I also believe there is too much 'Mac' centric 
focus in RR. The GUI is completely Mac based, and so is much of the 
marketing focus. Though, this does represent the 'low-hanging fruit', RR 
won't ever truly make inroads onto other platforms w/out a concerted 
marketing effort by the company.

Also, we can easily see where HyperCard, SuperCard and other 
'Mac-centric' authoring environments have ended up. I think it's 
eventually in RR's best interest to focus on other platforms, else the 
find themselves in the same situation as the other lanquished Mac Xtalk 
authoring environments. And remember, both Flash and Director found some 
success on PC's, and originally shipped with an Xtalk language.

Your point below is quite cogent.


Troy Rollins wrote:

> Marketing Revolution to Mac developers is easy. Marketing it to Windows 
> developers (other than a certain segment) is swimming against the tide. 
> It can be done, but it is certainly a harder road to travel. There is a 
> lot more "education" to do, in order to get Windows developers to 
> recognize the value... if in fact, it does have value to them over their 
> current tools.

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