Localizer - Transcriptlator - opinion request

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Aug 7 01:44:02 EDT 2004

After much scripting on it, I'm puzzled what I should do
and so would like to let you tell me what you think.

I wrote a transcript translator engine for c, pascal, basic
which also handles parts of fortran, php, flash, java and js.

The last piece I added to this stack is a parser that finds
all your local assignments and puts them into the script if
missing. This script also recognizes also the locals assigned 
outside of the script's handlers and puts them on top of the 
script to avoid some conflicts when locals are used before
before the local assignment.

So the question is whether this last script should be made 
available separately in a stack from the other translators?

If there is interest or need for them, I will put this or both 
stacks in my priority list.

For your info, the translators take care of translating the 
basics of any language into Transcript. It's not 100 perfect 
naturally but it saves you about 80% of the time in translating
from one language to transcript.

Thanks in advance for your comments

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