OT - Major league cool utiltiy for Mac OSX!

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sat Aug 7 01:15:00 EDT 2004

It's really easy to get all the windows on a single window.

First, navigate to any window where RR is 'frontmost' then 
command-option click the desktop. This effectively minimizes all the 
windows for RR. Next navigate to the desktop you want all the windows 
on, then cmd-tab to bring up the task switcher and select RR from the 
icons. All the RR windows will appear together on whichever desktop is 

Troy Rollins wrote:

> This switcher is really nice, however it discriminates by the window 
> rather than the owner application. This means that parts of Revolution 
> can be strewn across multiple desktops, and if you should accidentally 
> use the doc to summon Revolution back to the screen, it doesn't bring 
> all of it, only parts.

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