use-revolution Digest, Vol 11, Issue 23

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Fri Aug 6 01:52:46 EDT 2004


Doh! thanks sooo much. makes so much sense now... felt so dumb after 
having worked most other differences out with just a little poking 
around, that one really was making my forehead get bloody banging it 
against the wall!

I am realizing that I will now have to have a 30" monitor to hold all the 
things i have open on my 1024x768 projects and their programming stacks i 
use along with all the revolution pallets! everything just fit peachy on 
the 21", but not now...

thanks again!


use-revolution-request at wrote on 8/5/04 11:18 PM

>Do you have the MC message box stack embedded as a substack in your MC 
>stacks? That creates a conflict which acts as you describe. The easiest 
>way to deal with this situation is to open the stack in MC and delete 
>the message box substack from there.

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