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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Aug 5 17:13:55 EDT 2004

Hi Dar,

> On Aug 5, 2004, at 10:51 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>> QT does not necessarily have to be installed, although the REV 
>> menuitems may suggest this ;-)
> There might be some limitations.

Sure there are :-D

> From my reading of bug 1375, the file types for player audio without 
> QT are limited and
> playing audio with a player object is incidental and not supported.

> ------ Additional Comment  #2 From  Scott Raney  2004-07-05 19:51 
> -------
> The player object is designed to play video, not audio.


My apps would probably not have been working in the last 6 years, if i 
had known this :-D

> Use the "play
> audioClip" command to play sound files.  QT has the nice feature of 
> being able
> to play WAV, but the default video player on Windows can only play MP3 
> files
> (because they're actually MPEG video files with no video in them).

This is new to me!

But i hade big success playing WAV (which is noit necessarily = WAV 
;-), AIF, AU
and MP3 as sounds and "AVI (even DivX) and MPG as video files on Windoze
without QT being installed (= NO QT ;-)

But i also cannot understand why some pcs do not install QT, but wanna 
have FULL
"multimedia" experience... OK, it is not MS...

> Dar Scott


Klaus Major
klaus at

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