margins and tabstops

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Aug 4 14:57:44 EDT 2004

>>I have not tried this, but I believe you can obtain the same "out 
>>of sync"ness by radically changing the font size of the field's 
>No, a tab at 200 is a tab at 200.
>>You need to account for your margins and font size if you want 
>>vGrids to change dynamically when margins &/or font size changes.
>Only one size and font and style...
>Please try it out by yourself, you have to see it ;-)

Yes, I see it now, Klaus;

If I didn't know better, I'd say the field is acting like a 
right-justified column in a spreadsheet.

Just as strange, if I make the font size large enough, the end of the 
text before the tab disappears under the text after the tab.  This 
conjures up memories of left-justified spreadsheet entries.

Is it just coincidence that Vertical grid is listed among Table properties?

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