Switch statement

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Wed Aug 4 09:43:23 CDT 2004

>  switch (Text) contains
>     case "ballast"
>       put "no cargo" into fld "e4"
>       break
>     case "bulk"
>       put "oil bunkers" into fld "e5"
>       break
>     default
>       put "general cargo" into fld "e6"
>   end switch
>The above is a simple switch where (Text) is more than one word and I am
>looking to see if that list of words contains one particular word. I have
>tried every possible permutation of this and can't find the simple answer.
>Maybe I have to do like in MySQL and put ? Before and after my search word
>although that is particular for MySQL.
>What is the easiest way to do this (other than three separate if statements)
>-- I would like to get the switch working with a "contains" search.

Hi Bill,

remove "contains"

Rob Cozens
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