since I am in Hell, let's all have fun... we might end with a case study.

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Wed Aug 4 10:08:34 EDT 2004

> why don't you give up the machines and go back
> to entertainment? host your own forum.
> if anyone can squeeze humor out of a difference
> engine...

I am considering making some comedy stacks, like webcomics but 
code and comedy are very similar, how many times you looked at a source 
and laughed... I think there are five types of reaction upon looking at 
source code made by others:

1) "Man, I can't belive he did it that way..."   <---- That's comedy.
2) "Oh, that's how he implemented it, amazing..."   <---- That's a 
religious revelation.
3) "Oh Heck! Come Look how that moron did it..."   <---- That's also 
comedy, but people are laughing on you and the support techs...
4) "Man, that will never work." <--- That's an act of faith, and fit's 
the religious kind.
5) "I can't understand this, I think it's perl, at least, it appears 
perl to me..."   <---- That's also comedy, but the coder was a 

but that's just my theory, I don't know why I typed this, I just awoke, 
took a bath and checked email... I'll begin to make more sense after 

send in time is cool by the way, but I am waiting a premonition 
external that will enable things like:  send "do not execute rm -rf /" 
in -4 years and execute things in the past, this would save my old pc 
and maybe my mac.

I am learning spanish by talking to you guys! "no cada uno poder ser 
scott rossi" eheheheheh

Cheers (where's my tea?)

>> the url for the blog is
> oh, i get it. write code and comedy
> at the same time.
> do you use the send in time command?
> usted es el hombre.
> (non-Portugese in-joke)
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