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Malte Brill malte.brill at
Wed Aug 4 06:37:09 EDT 2004

Hi Erik,

>thanks Malte,

You´re welcome. Thanks for your interest. :-)

If I am boring anyone on the list with my lib please tell me to shut up. ;-)

>the next question: can the animation be synced with MIDI or audio sound?

Yes. But you need to script the sync on your own.

the lib calculates the next point on the path of the target from the custom
properties of the target. You can change these custom properties any time
with a few lines of script. So if you use a player to play your audio you
can set up callbacks and react the way you want to.
Every needed information is stored in the custom properties

e.g. for a linear movement:

moveLinear["startpoint"]    The starpoint of the path
moveLinear["endpoint"]      The endpoint of the paths
moveLinear["isDistance"]    distance from the startpoint (in pixel)
moveLinear["step"]          (move how many pixels with any call of
moveLinear[moveDone"]       a flag that lets you know if moving on the path
                            is completed.

these can be set by a script and when you call the moveLinear handler the
next time your object will react on the changes...
We can take this off list if you want and work on a small demo stack...

<boring technical hooey/dreammode on>

I know the scripted animation approach isn´t too compfortable as one still
needs to script quite a few things. It would be very cool to have a timeline
and a set of animation tools that one can just use. In other words a GUI
that lets you animate your objects by simply dragging them around, resizing
them and set some keyframes here and there. After the animation part is done
one could export "animation-Markup" that could be called any time the
animation library is in use. But that would require:

Time for creating the UI (maybe one could use parts of the old anim manager
                          as a basis)
Plenty of time for looking deeply into bezier curves...
(why do 2 names come to my mind right now? <g>)

Time for looking into XML or roll an animation markup on ones own

As I think about it it all seems doable, but will require lots of time
and/or more than one person coding on it. This is a huge task.

</boring technical hooey/dreammode off>



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