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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 01:00:12 EDT 2004

on Tue Aug 3 2004
Roger.E.Eller wrote:

> I tested your "vector2pdf" with Acrobat 5 (full) and

> Acrobat Reader 6 on Win2000. In both cases the 
> PDF files opened and displayed correct color filled 
> objects. 

This is great to know! Thanks!

Did you try to print or save as pdf from

These are my results in informal test:

In Acrobat 5, when i modify and try to save the file
it warns about an error that could not be repaired.
And the file do not save...

In Adobe ilustrator, this pdf is dismissed as
damaged and is not opened.

Freehand opens this pdf without problems.

> I look forward to text functionality, even in its 
> simplest form would be SOOOO useful! 

I agree. Because of the encodings required by text
it takes more time to test and implement correctly.

> Let me know if I can assist with testing or 
> providing sample PDF 
> files created with various programs.

Of course, if you could save these same set of vectors
graphics as pdf from other applications, like
ghostscript, corel, indesign, open office, etc..., 
you could compress all of them and send to my mail 
for inspection.

If we want to make this adaptation happen faster, 
everybody could grab a copy of the pdf reference and 
start reading and experimenting. ;-)

Thanks in advance.


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