Button script for "save as"

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Tue Aug 3 21:54:27 EDT 2004

You want to save a copy of your stack under another name?

   ask file "Save stack as:"
   put it into newName
   if newName is empty then exit to top
   save this stack as newName
   put the fileName of this stack into tCheck
   answer "Stack saved to file: " & tCheck

The revMenuBar uses this:
     revSaveAs the short name of the topStack,false


On 4 Aug 2004, at 11:42 am, Revinfo1155 at aol.com wrote:

> I need a button script that accomplishes the same thing as the "save 
> as " in the file menu. I tryed scripting around the ask file command 
> but I'm leaving something out as it will not create the file. Any help 
> to get me on the right path will be appreciated.
> jack

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