Can Rev Print Unicode?

Michael D Mays michael.rr at
Tue Aug 3 10:59:44 EDT 2004

I do not know what happened. I used Grab to copy an image of the 
operator and pasted it on the card and printed it and the operators in 
the field appeared. ????

It seems that the image's rect must cover the unicode for the unicode 
to print.


On Aug 3, 2004, at 9:41 AM, Michael D Mays wrote:

> Can Rev print unicode? And if it can how? I would like to be able to 
> print mathmatical operators and such in a line of 'text' such as
>  A ∪ B  (A 'union' B)
> I can display the formula with the 'union' character in a field, but 
> nothing is printed
> Thanks,
> Michael

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