Animation library - libRMC

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Tue Aug 3 03:50:59 EDT 2004

Hi Erik,

>do you move multiple objects simultaneously?

Yes, I do. The main concept is to have handlers that calculate the next
point on the path. So if you call the handlers just once it will move the
object to the next point. You can easiely create a handler that calls itself
in a send in time structure.

In this handler you call the handlers that animate your objects.
You can have all animations in one place if you like. (mind that you must
start using stack "libRMC" to make it work.)

e.g. in a button:

on mouseUp
  if the flag of me is empty then
    set the flag of me to -1
  end if
  set the flag of me to the flag of me*-1
end mouseUp

on hereWeGo
  lock screen
  send moveCircular to img "myImage"
  send moveElliptical to grc "myGraphic"
  send moveLinear to fld "myField"
  unlock screen
  if the flag of me=1 then
    send hereWeGo to me in 4 milliseconds
  end if
end hereWeGo

Now you can use the inspector and set the custom properties created by the

There will be a custom property set moveCircular for image "myImage" with
the following properties:

centerX - the x location of the circular paths center point
centerY - the y location
isAngle - the arcAngle
isRadius - the radius of the circle
step     - the speed and direction the object moves on the path

Each handler creates its own Custom properties set, so its easy to play with
it. :-)

Of course you can set these properties by script:


set the moveCircular["isRadius"] of img "myImage" to 80
set the moveCircular["step"] of img "myImage" to -0.5

If you happen to find the time, download my ERCSneak preview stack to see
libRMC in action.

I´ll be updating libRMC from time to time (next update will follow at the
end of August)



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