Barry Sieber bsieber2 at
Tue Aug 3 00:20:57 EDT 2004

I am a newbie with Revoloution and would like to get some information about 
using callbacks with Revolution to support QuickTime movies. I would like to 
have information displayed during playback by attaching callbacks to the 
movie's chapter tracks times so that the message the callback contains is 
displayed. I have 2 questions. How are callbacks created? Does one type into 
the callbacks option screen (of the Property Inspector Window) when the 
quicktime movie is selected and enter the numbers and messages there? I have 
tried that, but upon typing them in and then selecting another option such 
as basic properties and then going back to the callback list, I see the 
callbacks are now gone. I have the callback handler on the card script so 
that when the message is tagged in the movie, the script for the message 
should display in the field I tell it to.

Please help me establish callbacks to use in conjunction with quicktime 
playback of text/chapter tracks.

Barry Sieber

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