Saving and Talking

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Aug 2 23:34:12 EDT 2004

It sounds like the revSpeech bundle is being loaded when you build a 
standalone with all the stacks in a single file, but when you separate 
out the sub-stacks to make them writable, the revSpeech bundle isn't 

Which stack loads the bundle and is that stack in use? Here is a 
section from a routine that I use for a Mac OS X bundle - your path may 

on enableLibraries
   put the fileName of stack "Splash" into tFile
   set the itemDel to "/"
   delete last item of tFile
   set the externals of stack "Main" to tFile & 
   start using stack "Main"
end enableLibraries	

The key is to make sure that whatever stack loads the speech is in use.


On 2 Aug 2004, at 10:59 am, Greg Wills wrote:

> Hi All
> I am having trouble getting a standalone to do both these functions in 
> the same app. What I want to do is allow the user to alter button 
> names. The name of the button can then be used to speak the word. This 
> works fine as a stack.
> I can get the Distribution Builder to build a standalone that will 
> save changes (button names).
> I can get the Distribution Builder to build a standalone that will 
> speak the button name.
> BUT not in the same build.
> I have tried combinations of settings, but don't seem to be able to 
> get the standalone to be able to save changes and be able to use the 
> revspeak function. Any thoughts?
> I am using Rev 2.0.
> cheers
> Greg
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