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thanks to your quick response. I was thinking about it... I was trying 
to make one app, not two, but I think that's the way to go, the time 
I'll take to create a HTML interface is bigger thant the one I'll use 
to modify the current rev interface, now let's build a server... 


On Aug 2, 2004, at 5:52 PM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Aug 2, 2004, at 1:36 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:
>> I am now thinking in doing the other way, I make the server using my 
>> webserver stack and valentina, and they access it by the web, they 
>> can pass thru the firewall to do webrequests... but that's ugly I 
>> hate deploying apps using web interface. It's just simple DBs with 6 
>> tables and couple joins... should be easy!!!!
>> I look forward to some advise for I must deliver this yesterday, and 
>> they just phoned to say that the other companies will use the 
>> program, that's why I am in a hurry... that's also the money that 
>> should take me to malta. And since they are publishing and marketing 
>> company they know nothing of IT they think that for them to use an 
>> app and for outside-of-lan-ambient people to use the same app is 
>> trivial.... hell!!!!! firewalls!!! fake IPs!!!!!!
>> anyone here got an advise or idea, I am begining again from the 
>> scratch so any advise is good.
> Here is how I think I would approach it -
> Client
> Rev application which makes requests over port 80 to a PHP/Perl/Rev 
> CGI which talks to the central  DB (MySQL, Valentina, etc.).  The data 
> is returned in a predetermined format.  Your app parses returned data 
> and populates the interface as needed.  You don't have to redo your 
> interface, just the how the data is obtained.
> Server
> PHP/Perl/Rev, etc
> This will do all the talking to the db.  A request might look 
> something like this:
> GetFunnyRecords would run a predefined query and output the data to 
> the client.  The data could be like a slimmed down xml -
> <status="OK">
> <error="">
> <records>
> 	<record>
> 		<name>bob</name>
> 		<id>12</id>
> 	</record>
> </records>
> or just return one url encoded record per line (with status and error 
> message being lines one and two) depending on your data.
> Would this work for you?
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