MySQL: .rev main stack called from standalone rev app

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Woohoo!  That did it!  I also added a "stop using..." in my "on close 
stack".  Is that recommended?


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On Aug 2, 2004, at 12:11 PM, James.Cass at wrote:

> PLATFORM:       MacOSX (10.3.4)
> ISSUE:  MySQL commands not working
> DESCRIPTION:    We have a small, standalone "client" Rev app (MacOSX
> 10.3.4) that shows a splash screen and calls a separate .rev main
> stack,
> which is the main guts of the application.  The client app is on the
> user's Mac (>40 users), and the .rev main stack is on the server.  This
> way, when we make changes/updates to the application, everyone is
> running
> the latest version.  The main application uses MySQL commands.  The
> commands work fine in development mode, and if I build it as a
> standalone
> app.  However, the MySQL commands do not work when the .rev main stack
> (not a standalone) is called by the client app.  I have set my
> standalone
> settings for the client app to include the MySQL Database Support.

I imagine that the revdb external is being applied to to the stack
(splash) that is being used  to create the executable.  In your client
stack start using the stack that was used to create the exe.  So if
your splash stack was named "mySplash" then in your client stack do
something like this:

start using stack "mySplash"

This will make the revdb calls available in the message path.

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