Inheritance tame and wild

pkc pkc at
Mon Aug 2 12:45:07 EDT 2004

I wrote:

>When I finally gave up
>  > trying to make the alternative dialog stack look presentable, I zapped
>>  it, and when it was reincarnated it had picked up the background image
>>  of the mainstack!  This was, in fact, highly desirable. I liked it. It
>>  carried over beautifully to the OSX builds (of course, I never saw it
>>  in the Windows builds). I might try to make it happen again. If this
>>  can be tamed, it would be a useful addition, maybe?

Troy wrote:

>This is called inheritance.  ;-)
>In general, it is quite tame.

Yes, I understand about inheritance in the substacks that I create 
and add to the application.  But I was surprised by spontaneous 
inheritance by dialog stacks that did not originate with me and that 
were being used freely by the IDE --especially when they carried over 
without problem to the OS X build.  I tried very briefly today to get 
this to happen on purpose, but was not successful. I can't find any 
documentation yet and will continue to read and experiment.

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