question for pam.

Wouter wouter.abraham at
Mon Aug 2 04:56:36 EDT 2004

	• 	From: Andre Garzia
	• 	 Subject: Re: question for pam.
	• 	 Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 18:07:10 -0700

-- snip
> it's not fiddling with image lib, for it's not only the background, 
> it's a new stack... but Rev Does Not Allow ME TO DELETE THAT DAMN 
> THING! it keeps coming back from the dead! Hell, I wish I had a 
> metacard license IDE here or a simple starter kit just to try.... 
> damn...

Wish come true. Fetch a copy of the MC IDE and put the rev player (on 
its own) inside that folder and you have a simple starters kit.

> andre


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