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Malte Brill malte.brill at
Mon Aug 2 03:39:50 EDT 2004


>So, I ask this... was anyone using the animation library?

I never used it as I couldn´t tweak anything usable out of it. Animations
weren´t smooth. Really no go. And the GUI was simply confusing IMHO.

>If so or not, why, or why not?

Well I do animation with rev quite a lot. I came from an Audio and Video
background and was searching for a cheaper alternative to Director. Once I
got how Rev works I was pretty reminded of my BASIC background in the

>Should it be replaced? If so, with what? What might it
>look like or do differently than the old library did?

I can offer libRMC for a start.

Even though you need to know some basic Transcript concepts it brings ease
of use to creating animations within Rev. It has no GUI yet. But it is well
documented and comes with demo code. You can copy and paste the demo
handlers and then simply set a few custom properties to change the

What I support so far is:

moving objects on linear paths
moving objects on polygonal paths
moving objects on circular paths
moving objects on elliptical paths

circular collision detection

and a few things more.

With this lib I have what I need to do my animations. I am open to set up an
improvement group for the lib. I *dream* of having something that comes
close to Directors Tweening, but I just can´t find the time/money to code it
right now. libRMC took quite a while to be coded, as one needs lots of math
to do scripted animation. I think I´ve implemented the math pretty well. :-)
and users of libRMC wont need to fuss with it.



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