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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 2 01:20:50 EDT 2004

Troy Rollins wrote:
> It seems that with 2.5b RunRev is opting to phase out the animation 
> library. I can understand this... I've played with it, but never used it 
> for real. Mostly because it wasn't all that great - though it did have 
> some really nice concepts.
> Pretty much anybody who has paid any attention to my posts, knows that I 
> come from a heavy Director background, and in fact still use Director 
> daily, still more than Revolution except when I am deep in a Rev-based 
> project.
> At this stage, Rev and Director are moving father apart, with Rev more 
> in line with tools like RealBasic, for "application building" rather 
> than "multimedia building." Though, it is getting to the stage where 
> while Director can make a credible application, Rev will have a harder 
> time making credible multimedia.
> So, I ask this... was anyone using the animation library? If so or not, 
> why, or why not? Should it be replaced? If so, with what? What might it 
> look like or do differently than the old library did?
> One thought I had is just some sort of time-driven callback list with a 
> graphical interface for setting it up, editing, etc. Then I realized, 
> well that's about what the animation library was...
> Hate to see a feature, even a little used one, pass without any 
> discussion at all - especially since, in a certain regard, it changes 
> the development landscape of Rev, and modifies development approach 
> options.
> Any thoughts at all?

Would it make sense to open source it?

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