Mainstacks and substacks?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Aug 1 18:23:53 EDT 2004

Hi Kee,

> First, my questions are no where near as important as Pamela's, but 
> perhaps they are easier to answer?
> Question #1: removing a substack from a mainstack
> I have a mainstack StackB and so that I could use XML when I compile 
> it, I somehow managed to add revSOAP.rev into it. I am able to compile 
> StackB and distribute it as a standalone to folks.
>      [StackB(revSOAP)]
> Now, as I believe I have learned, you cannot have a mainstack (StackB) 
> save changes to itself. If you want to do that, you need to create a 
> splash screen stack as the mainstack (StackA), and then put the old 
> mainstack (StackB) where data wants to be saved, as a substack of that 
> splash screen stack (StackB).
> Assuming this is correct, it is also my understanding that substacks 
> (StackB) cannot have substacks (revSOAP). So how do I remove revSOAP 
> from StackB so that I can import it as a separate substack in StackA 
> along with StackB?
> What I have:
>      [StackA(StackB(revSOAP))]
> What I think I want:
>      [StackA(StackB,revSOAP)]

This is a one-liner in the message box:

set the mainstack of stack "revSOAP" of stack "StackB" to "StackA"  
##Enter :-)

> Question #2: docs for apps with data saved in substacks
> Where are the docs for understanding how to build a standalone that 
> can retain data in substacks?

There is none that i know...?

But see my quick lesson below ;-)

> I've looked at the example on the runrev site, I've looked through the 
> 1.1.1 manuals, I've searched
> the online docs and I've looked at Dan Shafer's Volume 1. I know this 
> is supposed to be simple but
> I cannot find the answer.

Since the user of your app MAY not have write access to the application 
i do this all the time with BIG success :-)

Create your stack that you want to be saved later on the users hd...
Then put it into a customproperty of your 
main-/splash-screen/standalone stack:
set the stack2save of this stack to url"binfile:my_sub.rev"

Then "on preopenstack" check these folders in the little script below, 
where the
current user HAS definitively write access!, if your stack is already 

If not, just spit it out :-D

on xxx
   ## Check platform and the appropriate "prefs"-folder...
   switch the platform
   case "MacOS"
     put specialFolderPath("preferences") into spfp
   case "Win32"
     if the systemversion contains "NT" then
       ## Win 2000 and XP
       put specialFolderPath(35) into spfp
       ## Win 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 :-D
       put specialfolderpath("system") into spfp
       ### a.k.a. "The black hole"
     end if
     ## Unix/Linux -> User home folder
     put $HOME into spfp
   end switch
   if there is not a folder (spfp & "/folder of your company") then
        create folder (spfp & "/folder of your company")
   end if
## Optional :-)

   if there is not a file (spfp & "/folder of your company/stack2save") 
     ## probably first time...
     put the stack2save of this stack into url("binfile:" & spfp & 
"/folder of your company/stack2save")
   end if
    go stack (spfp & "/folder of your company/stack2save")
end xxx

Et voila, a definitively save-able stack :-)

Hope that helps...

> Thanks in advance,
> Kee Nethery


Klaus Major
klaus at

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