More on Xplat Fonts

Dan Shafer revdan at
Sun Aug 1 18:18:46 EDT 2004

I was perusing the RealBASIC archives and some other language 
discussion areas and what I've found is that the problem of xplat fonts 
is huge and has so far been solved only by Macromedia Director and then 
only very inefficiently.

It is generally illegal to include fonts (those that are copyrighted) 
in an application, e.g. So packaging up fonts as part of the install 
process may not work.

As I said in an earlier post, Java programmer friends of mine tell me 
this is their biggest single xplat issue as well. So maybe we just have 
to live with it, do platform checking, master the use of profiles, set 
up some suggested standards.... In short, do it the hard way!

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