More on Pam's PC transfer problem

Troy Rollins troy at
Sun Aug 1 14:50:34 EDT 2004

On Aug 1, 2004, at 2:36 PM, Marian Petrides wrote:

> Ayup.  Opens fine in 2.5b1 on the Mac. Doesn't open in either 2.12 or 
> 2.5b1 on PC, whether it was sent there directly or having been zipped 
> first.


No newsflash, but something not right there.

Rev says the file is "corrupted"? What if "lock messages" is turned on 
before opening? Any weird Mac specific things going on in openStack or 
pre-open card handlers?

Maybe, each substack could be saved as an individual file, transferred 
and opened... to determine the real culprit.

Maybe somebody like Richard, Chipp, or Ken could have some better ideas.
RPSystems, Ltd.

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