More on Pam's PC transfer problem

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Sun Aug 1 13:36:02 EDT 2004

In an attempt to see if building a standalone using the Win version of 
the Rev 2.5b1 would solve Pam's problem, I did the following:

Downloaded Pam's stack (and the ZIP file version of Rev 2.5 b1) on my 
Mac. Transferred Pam's file over to PC over my wireless network but the 
file will not open in Rev 2.5b1 on my PC--says file is corrupted.

Tried changing the name to something more DOS-friendly (PamStack.rev).  
No luck.

Changed name to PamStack.rev on Mac, zipped it using drop zip, still 
says file is corrupted when I try to open it using the PC version of 

Same problem if I try to open the file using Rev 2.1.2 on PC.

I give up.  Any other suggestions?  This makes NO sense (to my puny 
little brain anyway)!!

NOTE:  I haven't even GOTTEN to trying to make a standalone on either 
platform.  I can't even get the file to open up.


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