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Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sun Aug 1 11:52:57 EDT 2004

On Aug 1, 2004, at 12:24 PM, Rick Harrison wrote:

> How is  libWebServices going to work with the Secure Socket Layer
> which I hear will be included with Revolution 2.5?


I have the 2.5 beta here and I am yet to find info on listening to a 
secured socket, don't know if this is possible yet...

about stress testing, well, I thought that I could handle only one 
request at a time, I really thought of that, then at the RMS Trevor 
showed me that in fact I could handle more then one request, without 
changing the code, I thought then: "humm.. that's why I never suffered 
a Denial of Service while testing on the list" so... I really don't 
know about how many connections it can handle, but if you're thinking 
about using it in a heavy traffic website, I would urge you to go 
Apache! libWebServices does not fully comply with HTTP 1.1, for example 
no chunked-connections are allowed (I didn't implemented it yet)....

libWebService is targeted not to websites, but to webagents and 
net-savvy apps. It's targeted in making apps that can act as both 
client and server depending on the hole they must take. It's aimed at 
small intranets, search bots, data aggregators and the like... I don't 
expect someone to run an amazon-like service with it... but a small 
very specialized book store could be possible eheheh :D

The best way for you to work now, is to setup a sandbox for you to 
play, setup Rev on a web host and play with CGI... by using it you'll 
fell what you need, you might even end up writing your own lib... :D


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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