How do I extract the sounds from a HyperCard stack and put it into a Revolution stack?

Elliot Abrams elliot53147 at
Fri Apr 30 08:39:08 EDT 2004

I just bought revolution a few days ago, so I am definitely new at
this...but. If you use revolution to open your existing hypercard stack, the
sounds should be there. I accessed the sounds through buttons in hypercard
and most of them worked right away in revolution. Now, I need to get a
routine to dial a phone. My phone is tied into a mixer in my weather
broadcast area, so the tones (from hypercard) go through the mixer and dial
any number I need.

In OSX, I found that I had to use an external drive for the stacks I wanted
to convert because I couldn't read the files if transferred them directly to
my powerbook g4 first.

On 4/27/04 12:18 PM, "Deena Larsen" <DLARSEN at> wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to see if Revolution will transfer a series of hypercard
> stacks. These stacks have sounds, which are embedded in the stack.
> How do I get the sounds out of the Hypercard stack?
> How do I re-introduce them into the Revolution stack?
> What is the Revolution stack equivalant of "play TomTom?" or play
> "sounds"?
> Thank you
> Deena Larsen
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